Flood Light Vs Spotlight

Floodlights cast a wide beam ideal for illuminating large areas.

Although landscapers commonly employ both floodlights and spotlights on a single property, the two lighting types create considerably different illumination patterns. While one light casts a wide beam suitable for lighting a large area, the other lights a narrow area. Does this Spark an idea?


Floodlights, according to the lighting website Best Home LED Lighting, emit a wide beam of light that covers an area of up to 120 degrees from the light fixture. A spotlight, in contrast, casts only a narrow beam of light that often covers less than 45 degrees.


According to the light bulb vendor Bulbs Plus, both floodlights and spotlights come in a variety of types. Bulbs for either type of light may be of the incandescent, halogen or even light-emitting diode, or LED, variety. In addition, energy-conscious buyers may choose fluorescent floodlight or spotlight bulbs.


Best Home LED Lighting points out that users should employ floodlights for lighting large areas and spotlights for illuminating specific items. In addition, the concentration of spotlights may make the lights appear brighter or more focused than comparable floodlights.

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