Florida Driving Rules About A Right Turn On A Red Light

Use caution when turning right at a red stop light

You can turn right at most red lights in the state of Florida, unless otherwise indicated by a traffic sign or police officer. Use caution and follow the rules, though, to avoid any accidents with pedestrians, bikes or other vehicles because 22 percent of crashes are caused by drivers running red lights, according to the Florida Department for Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Watch out for automatic traffic cameras at some intersections in Florida which are programmed to take snapshots of red light runners, including illegally right-turning cars.

Make A Complete Stop

You must come to a complete stop behind the white stop line at a red light, before you can turn right. Count to five once you stop to avoid being photographed by an automatic traffic camera at some intersections in Florida, because you could be fined approximately $204, warns the Florida DHSMV.

Yield To Pedestrians

Stop your vehicle before the crosswalk so pedestrians are able to cross the street in either direction, before you turn right at a red light. Allow them to finish crossing even if the light has turned red for them, or if there is no crosswalk.

Yield To Vehicles Making U-turns

Allow vehicles making a U-turn into the direction you want to turn right into, to go first, if you are facing a red light. Keep in mind that they have the right of way as their light is green.

Yield To All Traffic That Has Green Light

Give oncoming traffic going through a green light the right of way before you turn right on red. Watch out for vehicles turning left on a green arrow into your planned direction, as well as vehicles coming straight through a green light.

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Obey “No Turn On Red” Signs

Mind any “No Turn On Red” signs if posted at the stop light by not turning right while the light is red. Wait for green light to proceed with your right turn.