Florida Laws On Led Colors

Colored LED lights have restricted usage in the state of Florida.

Florida residents who wish to install colored LED lights on their vehicles should check the laws that apply before installation. LED light laws are designed to increase safety on the road, and certain vehicles have the right to use certain colors and only under certain circumstances. Those found in violation of LED color laws in Florida will be charged with a misdemeanor.

Feeling Blue

The purpose of LED color laws in Florida is to prevent residents from altering their vehicles to look like emergency vehicles, especially police cars. The Florida Legislation enacted a law in 1991 prohibiting residents from using a blue LED light that either flashed or rotated due to the fact that other vehicles on the road may assume such a vehicle is an emergency vehicle. This law also protects against vehicle owners from using this to their advantage for criminal-related activities, such as posing as a law official. However, under the guidelines of Title XXIII, Section 316.2397 of the Florida Statute, vehicles owned or operated by the Department of Corrections may use blue lights when responding to an emergency.

Code Red

Residents in Florida are prohibited from installing red LED lights on their vehicle that is visible from directly in front of the vehicle, under the guidelines of Title XXIII, Section 316.2397(1) of the Florida Statute. However, there are exceptions to this law. Emergency vehicles, such as vehicles used by the fire department, ambulances and police vehicles are exempt. Under Section 319.2399 of the Florida Statute, buses and taxi cabs also are allowed to use red LED lights for operational purposes, as are vehicles associated with the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Department of Transportation. Those who violate these laws in Florida will be convicted of a noncriminal traffic infraction.

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The use of flashing white LED lights in Florida is restricted with limited exceptions. For example, vehicles used in road maintenance are allowed to use flashing white LED lights while dealing with a hazard. Flashing white LED lights also may be used by school buses and other such vehicles designed to transport farm workers, under Section 316.2397(5) of the Florida Statute. All emergency vehicles also are exempt from this law. In regards to other vehicles, flashing LED lights of any color can only be used to indicate either a right or left turn, a lane change or a vehicle breakdown.