Ford Explorer Overhead Console Programming Instructions

Manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, the Ford Explorer is a full size, crossover sports utility vehicle (SUV) that has been in production in North America since 1990. Newer Ford Explorer models often are equipped with a Homelink overhead console that can be programmed to operate your automatic garage door opener from the car. Programming the Homelink console and garage door opener to interact with one another is a simple process that takes only minutes to complete.


1. Insert the key into the ignition of your Ford Explorer and turn it to the “Acc” position. Leave the key in the “Acc” position until you have finished programming the overhead console.

2. Locate the three Homelink buttons on the overhead console of your Ford Explorer. Hold down the two outside Homelink buttons until the adjacent indicator light starts to flash.

3. Aim your garage door opener remote at the Homelink overhead console. Hold the remote approximately 3 to 5 inches from the Homelink buttons. Press and hold the large button on the remote while simultaneously pressing and holding any of the three Homelink buttons. Watch the adjacent indicator light; release the buttons when the light flashes quickly, then glows continuously.

4. Exit the Ford Explorer and locate the control panel on the rear of your garage door opener’s power head unit. Look for a small button labeled, “Learn,” “Train” or “Program.” Press this button.

5. Get back in your Ford Explorer and quickly press the same Homelink button that you held in Step 3. Hold for two seconds and then release the button. Press and release that same Homelink button two more times to finish programming the overhead console.

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