Ford Focus Maintenance

The Ford Focus is an affordable, award-winning vehicle. These cars are incredibly popular, due to their small size, good gas mileage and low price. Ford has been making the Focus in North America since 1999. A reliable car, the Focus will run for many years, especially with regular maintenance.

Monthly Maintenance

Perform monthly maintenance on your car to keep it running. Ford recommends you check you interior and exterior lights, the tires for correct air pressure, the engine oil, and the windshield washer fluid every month. Doing these check makes sure all these important parts of the car are functioning properly. Checking these things may bring more pressing issues with your vehicle into plain view, such as leaking fluids, flat tires, or electrical problems. If engine oil needs to be topped up, tires need to be replaced or light bulbs changed, you can take it to your dealership or change them yourself. Ford recommends Motorcraft oils for your engine, and name brand tires such as Continental, Michelin, and Good Year.

Warning Lights

Always pay attention to the warning lights built into the dash of your Ford Focus. The newest models of the Focus have a large series of warning lights to indicate when something is wrong. All the warning lights appear as a symbol of the issue, or as a series of words. A picture of the engine is a sign to check the engine. There are warning lights for the battery, which is a picture of a battery with a positive and negative sign, oil, which is a picture of an oil can, and a safety belt reminder light, a picture of a person safely in their belt. There are three separate lights for the brakes, one an exclamation point, one a P, and the other the word brake. All of these should light up when the engine starts as an indication that the braking system is working. If they do not come on when starting, take your car to the mechanics immediately. If the lights come on after the parking brake is disengaged, check the fluid levels.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Perform all scheduled maintenance checks as specified by your owner’s manual. Ford Focus cars need services such as fluid level checks, tire checks and light checks every month, as well as more thorough checks such as battery connection tests, lubrication of door hinges, and parking brake functionality checks. Checks will also need to be performed every 5,000 miles. At 30,000 miles, your Ford Focus Maintenance checks will become more complex, with most filters needing changed, new brake pads installed, rotation of tires and more. Each Ford Focus manual will include a scheduled maintenance guide that you can follow. It is suggested that you have your car serviced at an authorized Ford dealership or by a certified technician. They will know the schedule for your specific model.