Get A Job As A Camp Counselor

Get a Job As a Camp Counselor

Summer camps provide children with activities to become involved with over the summer months. They also provide young adults with a chance to earn some money during their college break. Becoming a counselor is not hard if you possess the appropriate skills, and if you don’t mind being away from your family and friends for most of the summer. The most important thing when deciding to become a camp counselor is that you have a love of working with children.


1. Get some babysitting experience if you don’t already have some. This will give you an idea as to whether you like to be around kids. It will also give you something relevant to put on your resume when you apply to the summer camps in your area.

2. Become certified in first aid and CPR. This will help you not to panic if an emergency situation arises. It can also put you ahead of other candidates for the job. Employers want to know that the person they select as a camp counselor can adequately care for a small group of children.

3. Make sure you love being outdoors, and that you are not scared of outdoor creatures, including spiders. Your campers are going to come to you if they see a creepy crawly, and you are going to have to remove it from the cabin.

4. Create a resume that also lists skills that would be useful in a camp counselor situation. For example, organizational skills, and the ability to plan creative activities is a must. Counselors do more than just babysit. They create lessons and activities for the children.

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5. Search local camps in your area and find out what their guidelines are before applying. Some camps won’t accept any counselors under the age of 18 who haven’t completed at least one year of college. Others may hire responsible teenagers over the age of 16.

If you specialize in a certain sport, you may want to search for a specialty camp. For example, if you are an all-star pitcher, you may want to apply to work at a baseball camp. You may also want to become certified as a lifeguard. There is usually a lot of swimming and boating activities at camp.

6. Fill out the required application and submit it along with your resume. You should apply to more than one camp so that you have a better change of getting hired at one of them. If you get hired at two camps, you can pick the one that you like the best.