Get A Job As A Remote Operated Vehicle Technician

Get A Job As A Remote Operated Vehicle Technician

Remote operated vehicles or ROV’s are used in ocean research and industry. ROV operators or technicians are paid quite well to operate them.


1. First you should familiarize yourself with the challenges and opportunities that being an ROV operator are. Remote operated vehicles are used in industries such as deep water oil and gas drilling. Operators may be on location on a drilling platform or drill ship for up to several months at a time. It is not a job for those who like to be at home or whose family life could not endure such absences. The trade off is high pay. Remote operated vehicle operators may may as much as $600 a day or more. This high pay leads many to endure the sacrifice of being gone for weeks. If you believe you could handle the long times spent away proceed to the next step and locate a college or technical institute that offers ROV training programs.

2. Persons wishing to be ROV operators must be highly technically oriented. If you enjoy robotics and electronics then you might be a good candidate. The different types of equipment an ROV technician is expected to operate include cameras, acoustic positioning systems, sonar, manipulators, and launch and recovery systems. ROV technicians not only operate remote operated vehicles in performing industrial and scientific tasks (which requires even more training) but also maintain and troubleshoot complex equipment. Determine if you meet the prerequisites for courses in ROV technology. Applicants must have a strong background in math and science and a good grade point average from high school. A clean criminal background is also required for most companies. Apply to MATE or Marine Advanced Technology Education Center affiliated school such as Brevard Community College, Florida Keys Community College, Maine Maritime Academy, Monterey Peninsula College. Alvin Community College in Alvin Texas offers a degree program in Marine Robotics. You can find more schools listed in the resource section below.

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3. Try to get an internship during the summer with a company that performs underwater services using remote operated vehicles. You can find information on internships in the resources section below. Currently there are only 430 commercial remote operated vehicles working in the world so these coveted jobs are scarce. Apply to as many companies as you can locate and be persistent. Once you are hired focus on working your way up to the coveted job of ROV supervisor, which offers high pay.