Get Extra Power When A Cell Phone Battery Is Dead

Buy an Instant Cellphone Charger for When You Are on the Road

You’ve probably been in this situation. You’re out and about, having a great time and then suddenly notice that you have one bar of power left on your phone. When that last bar starts blinking, it’s a crucial situation. Without your cellphone you can’t get in touch with friends or family, find phone numbers, listen to music, or retrieve urgent information. When your cell phone battery goes dead and you don’t have a regular charger handy, there is a way that you can get a little extra power until you get home.


1. Purchase an instant cell phone charger. Energizer, Cellboost, and TurboCharge sell a variety of these instant chargers for most cell phones (see “Resources” below). Make sure you choose the instant cellphone charger that is made for your style of phone with the right connectors.

2. Insert new batteries into the back of the instant cellphone charger. These instant chargers usually take one or two AA batteries.

3. Place the connector into the instant cellphone charger and the other side into the appropriate slot on your phone. Look for a blue light to start flashing on the instant charger to indicate that your phone is being charged. The portable charger acts the same as your home wall charger.

4. Leave the instant cellphone charger connected to your phone as you make your calls. Allow the phone to charge for at least a couple of minutes before attempting your first call, then let it sit afterward to gain some extra power while not in use. You may even be able to fully charge the phone using one of these handy instant chargers.

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