Get Help With Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling your house can be very expensive. Unfortunately, it is a necessity for most individuals, and most households cannot do without it. That means you must find a way to pay for it. Some programs exist that can help you learn preserve the heat in your home. Other programs are available to low-income families to help pay some of the cost of heating and cooling bills.


1. Call your local Social Services building to find out where you can apply for heating and cooling assistance. You can apply for assistance at some Social Services locations, while others require you to go through the county’s Human Resources department.

2. Ask what income levels are considered to be “low income” to see if you qualify. There is a chart that shows how much money you can make to qualify for assistance. The more individuals live in your home, the higher the money allowance is to qualify.

3. Apply for help at the designated office. You will need to bring one month’s proof of income, your last heating and cooling bill, and proof of address. Some offices require proof of identification as well, such as a birth certificate or your Social Security card.

4. Use the checks you receive to pay your heating and cooling supplier.

5. Request a consultation with an Energy Star employee. They can show you where your home is losing heat and make it more energy efficient, which should help you save money on your heating and cooling costs.

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