Get The Cop Uniform In Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” is a game for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 video game consoles. In the game, you can travel between two large 1980s-themed islands modeled after Miami Beach. The “Grand Theft Auto” series allows players to roam around these large, open worlds and complete various missions for cash, cars and other bonus items. Though your default costume is a light blue polo, you can actually find a police uniform to wear throughout the game.


1. When you start the game, grab a car. You can steal one from a driver by holding either the “Y” button on the Xbox controller or the “Triangle” button on the PlayStation 2 controller while standing near the car’s door.

2. Drive to the Vice City Police Station in Washington Beach. It is in the middle of the island on the right on your overhead map. There should be a police badge icon on your map, indicating your location.

3. Exit your car and put all of your weapons away by scrolling through your weapons until you have only your fist exposed.

4. Walk into the police station and head to the locker room, where you will see a floating icon shaped like a shirt. Touch it to acquire the police uniform.

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