Grants To Help Pay For Utility Bills In Texas

You might qualify to receive money to help pay your utility bills.

Utility bill assistance is available to Texas residents from a variety of sources. For example, Texas residents who have received utility shut-off notices for reasons such as a job loss or illness can apply for grants through local utility companies and federal and state government agencies to pay their utility bills.

Low Income Rider Program

Grants are distributed to Texas residents through the Low-Income Rider Program. An income that is at or below 125 percent of the federal poverty level is required. Up to $60 a year in grant funds is provided through the program. Residents must have Lone Star cards; the cards are distributed to people in the state who receive food stamps. Assistance is administered through The Electric Company.

Worship Centers

Many houses of worship provide one-time grants to Texas residents who have fallen behind in paying their utility bills. Utility services must not have gotten shut off at the time assistance is requested. Amount of the assistance payments varies. Texas residents who attend other worship centers can also reach out to their worship leader to request assistance to pay their utility bills as many worship centers will provide their members with the help.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program applicants are accepted by local utility companies from November through April. Senior citizens in Texas who are 61 years of age or older and disabled residents are given priority to receive LIHEAP funds. Additionally, families with young dependent children are given preference to receive LIHEAP. The benefits are paid directly to the utility companies. People who do not meet federal poverty level guidelines cannot receive the help. For example, a family with two people cannot have a gross monthly income that is higher than $2,429. A family with five people cannot have a gross monthly income that exceeds $4,299.

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Residential Energy Assistance Program

If families have young dependent children or if Texas residents are disabled or elderly, they can receive help to pay their utility bills through the Residential Energy Assistance Program. The program is paid for with donations received by CPS Energy and serves residents who live in the San Antonio or Bexar County areas. To apply for the assistance, qualifying residents must contact the San Antonio Department of Community Initiatives. People who live in Bexar County must contact the Department of Community Investment.