Green Lighting Led Disadvantages

Even green options like LEDs have disadvantages.

Going green is perhaps the biggest social conscience movement of the new millennium. One of the easiest ways touted to go green is to change your light bulbs to the extremely energy-efficient LED, or light emitting diode, bulbs. While LED bulbs do save up to 90 percent on energy costs, this green lighting option does have several hurdles and disadvantages. Does this Spark an idea?

Upfront Cost

LED bulbs are very expensive to install in comparison to the conventional incandescent bulb. For a common household lamp, an incandescent will cost a few dollars, depending on brand and wattage, while an LED bulb for the same lamp will cost $25 to $60, according to the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) Research Center. This is very cost prohibitive for many families and business owners who simply do not have the financial resources to pay eight to 20 times the initial cost for LEDs over incandescents, despite the fact that LED bulbs will save them 60 to 80 percent on their electric bills each month.


Most lighting retailers have a wide variety of incandescent and even compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) in different styles, colors and wattages. LED bulbs, however, are made in small batches in comparison to incandescents and CFLs, which means availability may be limited. Many stores that sell LEDs may not maintain a large stock if the bulbs do not sell regularly.

Heat Sensitivity

A little-known disadvantage of LED lighting is the bulbs’ strong sensitivity to heat, which can severely affect color and performance. The bulbs do not produce much heat themselves, but they conduct heat very well. This can decrease the light’s output strength exponentially and cuts the bulb’s lifespan by years. While the lighting industry is conducting a lot of research and development to improve the heat sensitivity of high-powered LEDs, this design problem is currently a hindrance in high-heat environments such as those found in factories.

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