Hack A 12 Volt Battery

Demand for button cell batteries is growing as technological devices grow smaller. Even though demand for them is growing, button cell batteries are still expensive. You can get around this by learning to hack a less expensive 12-volt battery. Follow these easy steps.


1. Buy a package of one or two A23 batteries. You should be able to find one or two A23 batteries for less than you would pay for one 1.5 volt button cell battery.

2. Open the battery case with a screwdriver or other metal tool. Don’t worry — there’s nothing hazardous inside.

3. Find eight 1.5 volt button cell batteries inside. Split them apart.

4. Use the button cell batteries in devices such as digital thermometers, timers, calculators and small pen lights. You’ll save a lot of money.

5. Hack a nine volt battery in a similar way in order to get six AAA batteries. At the seam, pry open the case with needle nosed pliers. Pull the metal connectors off the top and bottom of the battery and bend them in half. Use them as conductors and to keep the batteries in place inside of your device.

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