Hook Up Led Truck Lights

Light emitting diode (LED) lights are lights that are in small tubes and multi-colored. LED lights add more glow to your truck and can be mounted in a variety of places, from under the chassis to inside the vehicle on your dash. LED lights will give your truck a unique, customized look. You can install LED lights yourself at home.


1. Place the truck in “Park” and engage the emergency brake.

2. Press the hood release button or pull the hood release lever to unlatch the hood of the truck. Prop the hood of the truck open with the hood rod.

3. Unplug the negative cable from your vehicle battery.

4. Align the LED lights in the location you would like them to be so you can see what they will look like affixed. Verify that you are going to mount the LED lights away from any moving parts or extreme heat.

5. Place the mounting brackets onto the appropriate location of your LED light tubes and set them aside for a moment.

6. Wire the positive and negative wire of the LED lights into the LED terminal switch and connect them together. Refer to your specific LED light instructions to verify that you are connecting them into the proper location.

7. Mount the LED switch inside the vehicle in a location that it can be easily accessed to turn the LED lights on and off.

8. Route the positive wiring of the LED tube to the positive terminal on your vehicle battery and secure into place. You can secure the positive wiring onto the positive battery terminal by wrapping the wire around the positive terminal and securing it into place by placing the positive battery terminal over the wire.

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9. Route the negative wire of the LED to an area on the chassis for a ground.

10. Mount the LED light into place and use a drill to drill screws slightly into the drill areas on the LED light brackets to make starting marks. Verify that you are not drilling into any reservoirs underneath the vehicle. Hold the LED lights securely and drill into place.