How Does Hair Spray Work

How Does Hair Spray Work?

Chemical Agents

Hair spray is made up of a few key chemicals that allow it to hold hair in place. The first major chemical is a liquid form of elastic. This holds the hair together so that it doesn’t break. The rest of the active chemicals are called polymers. Polymers are chemical compounds that are used to place a film over the hair when they dry on the hair. This film holds the hair in place. The rest of the hair spray is made up of either water or ethanol. The water or ethanol carries the active ingredients and delivers them on the hair. Ethanol isn’t used as much any more because it has been found to be harmful for the environment.


Hair spray is considered to be a grooming product. It is mostly used by women, but sometimes men use it for their styles. The hair spray is sold in an aerosol can or a plastic bottle with a pump. These nozzles are developed to allow the hair spray to come out in an even spray. The hair spray can be used after a hairstyle has been done to hold the hairstyle in place for the day. It can also be used to help style the hair. For example, the hair is sprayed with hairspray and then curled with a curling iron. This is done to create curls that will last. To use the aerosol can, hold down the nozzle until you have finished coating your hair. To use the pump, you will have to press down on the pump over and over until your hair is coated the way you want it.

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Hair Spray Warning

Using hair spray on a daily basis can cause hair to become brittle. When hair is brittle, it begins to get split ends and can even break off. The hair spray can dry out the scalp and cause dandruff. Hair spray is also highly flammable so users must be careful not to smoke cigarettes while doing their hair. Hair spray also builds up on curling irons and nearby surfaces. It can be hard to remove, and it can even cause your curling iron to stop working properly.