How Does The Blood Donation Process Work

How Does the Blood Donation Process Work?


The first thing a prospective blood donor must do is fill out a registration card. This card must contain your such personal information as birth date and Social Security number. Then it’s on to a health check.

Health Check

A nurse will take your health history and ask you some other health-related questions. After the health questionnaire, you will move on to a physical health check. Your blood pressure and temperature are measured. You must then give a blood sample via finger prick to make sure that you are not anemic. If everything is OK, you are given the clearance to give blood.

Give Blood

When you donate blood you will be giving about one unit of blood. This takes about 10 minutes to retrieve and can make you feel a bit light-headed or even sick to your stomach. If you begin to feel sick, you should talk to the technician taking your blood right away. To retrieve your blood your arm is cleaned and then the needle is inserted in to your best vein. The blood flows into a collection bag. When the blood is collected, the technician will take out the needle and help you to get up slowly. You can then move on to the refreshments.

Enjoy Refreshments

Spend a few minutes enjoying some light refreshments, including some orange juice before you leave. It is a good idea to take advantage of these to make sure that your body is refreshed. It is important to drink a lot and eat well after you give blood so that your body can replace the blood that was lost.

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