Install A Battery In A Spike Light

Book lights were designed to give book lovers a light that is portable and keeps the light on the page. Spike lights are an inexpensive and popular form of book light with a “spike” that slides into binding of a book to hold the light in position. You will need to know install a battery in a Spike light so you can keep reading, wherever and whenever you want.


1. Make sure your Spike light is turned off.

2. Hold your Spike light by the round battery compartment. This is at the base of the light, where the flexible stem of the lighting arm ends and where the spike comes off the light base. Twist the compartment counter-clockwise until it separates from the base of the flexible stem. Drop the old battery out of the compartment.

3. Insert one AAA battery into the compartment with the positive (+) end at the top of the compartment and the negative (-) end inside the the round compartment. On many batteries, the positive end is also colored silver or gold to separate it visually from the rest of the battery. Replace the battery compartment by screwing it in clockwise to the base of the flexible stem.

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