Install A Gps System Or An Onstar System

A GPS may be installed into your car’s dash panel.

Adding a GPS system or an On-Star safety system to an automobile provides the driver with many security and safety features. The On-Star system acts as a tracking device should the vehicle be stolen, while GPS units deliver turn-by-turn directions to and from your destinations. Should you choose to install one of these devices into your car there is a basic formula to follow. Be sure to check your car’s particulars for installation and dash removal.


1. Park the vehicle and set the emergency brake. Disconnect the black cable from the auto battery.

2. Consult your car’s manual for proper dash and panel removal. Remove the dash panel and remove the radio. Most GPS or On-Star systems will use the radio’s electric plug connections and have their own radios.

3. Follow the GPS system or On-Star unit’s instructions for wiring and install into the dash panel. Screw any mounting brackets or attachment bolts to secure the device screens to the panel.

4. Connect the black cable to the battery and test the GPS or On-Star power connections. Disconnect the black cable.

5. Place the dash panel back onto the auto. Connect the black cable and clean the dash of any debris from the installation.

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