Install A Headlight Strobe

Strobe lights, which produce 200-millisecond flashes of light, are used in a variety of settings, ranging from the theater, in which they create lightning effects, to alarm systems and emergency vehicles. The process of installing a headlight strobe is not difficult, but it requires concentration to avoid future damage to either your car or the strobe lights themselves. You will only need a few installation tools, which you can easily acquire at the hardware store.


1. Disconnect the positive and negative terminals of your car battery, as a rule, when wiring electrical circuits in your car.

2. Select a mounting location for your headlight strobe. Keep in mind that you must not install your strobe light over any OEM-supplied light, that the strobe light must be located a minimum of 1 inch from the lens, that the strobe light must share the same reflector as the brake light, signal light, and headlight, and that the strobe light must not be installed above the horizontal center line for the reflector.

3. Remove the headlight lens from your car, using a socket wrench to remove any visible bolts.

4. Cut a hole in the reflector housing. A hole saw is the best tool to create a small (1-inch) hole, with a great deal of control. De-burr the hole, rubbing it with an abrasive cloth, to avoid damage to either your strobe lights or the wires attached to them.

5. Connect your strobe light to a thermal disc, lining up the lamp ears with the disc holes and twisting until you hear a click. Insert your strobe light/thermal disc complex into the hole that you drilled until it snaps into place. Secure the light to the housing per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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6. Connect the appropriate strobe light wires to the positive (black), negative (red), and white (ground) wires of your a three-conductor power cable. Wire the positive wire of your power cable to the positive terminal of your battery, and wire the negative and ground wires of your power cable to the negative terminal of your battery. On either side of your power cable, you will notice a shield wire, designed to provide protection against interference from radio and other communication sources. Should you incur such interference, connect the shield wire nearer to your battery to the chassis of your car, using electrical tape.

7. Reconnect your car battery. You now are ready to light up your headlight strobe.