Install Exit Signs

Public buildings and offices are required to clearly mark exit signs so that, in the event of an emergency, those inside can find the way out. These signs usually are installed during construction, but older, converted or remodeled buildings might not have them, or you might want to replace older models with exit signs requiring less power to run.


1. Run AC conductors from your circuit panel to the location where you want to mount the exit sign. You might need to run through walls or a drop ceiling. Turn the power off to the circuit panel, and connect the neutral wire from the four-wire conductor to the neutral block on the breaker output block for your exit sign. Connect the load wires to the load connections on the block. Write the power input and output in the specified area in the panel. For more information on connecting to the panel and diagrams, refer to the AC conductors’ information document.

2. Unclip the top of the exit sign with your fingers. If there are screws holding the sign closed, remove them. Use a flat-head screw driver to pop out the perforated directional arrow from the inside of the sign so that when you mount the sign, it points toward the exit door. Use the screwdriver to remove the rear pop-outs for wall-mounting with screws, if you are mounting the exit sign to the wall.

3. Slide the connector wires through the space for mounting–in the back if you mount the sign on the wall, in the side if you mount it sideways above the door, and through the top if you hang it from the ceiling. Twist the included connectors inside the exit sign to the AC conductors, and use the included wire connectors to twist and cap them.

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4. Stick any wire guide to the inside of the sign near the hole that allows the connecting wires out to the mount, so the wires do not move around while you put up the sign. Use the included screws and a screwdriver to screw through the mounting holes on the back of the sign, if you mount it on the wall. If you hang it from the ceiling or from its side above the door, screw the mount to the outlet with the AC conductors running through it. Hold the sign up to the mount, and use the included screws to attach it.

5. Attach the battery pack to the PC board if your exit sign has an emergency connection. Connect the wire leads to the transformer. Close the front of the sign.