Install Halogen Lights On A Car

A majority of cars are equipped with halogen headlights and tail lights. However like all light bulbs, halogen lights will eventually need to be replaced. Although you can replace your bulbs with OEM lights, you also have the option to upgrade to a higher intensity halogen bulb. The benefits of this is that it will emit a brighter light that will make it easier for you to see on the road. Installing halogen lights take little time and are just as easy as installing OEM lights.


1. Turn your car and your lights off. Open the hood of your vehicle. You will install the headlights first.

2. Remove the headlight casing by using a screwdriver and unscrewing the bolts that hold it into place. Depending on your make and model not all screws may be visible and there could be a bolt underneath your car. Use a jack to lift your car and give you some extra room if this is the case.

3. Remove the bulb retainer from the headlight casing by reaching behind it and twisting the retainer in a clock wise motion. Disconnect the light from the electrical unit by pressing down on the plastic tab. Put on a pair of gloves and unplug the bulb. Insert the new halogen bulb into place then reassemble your bulb retainer and headlight casing unit.

4. Open the trunk of your car and remove the paneling of your trunk to gain access to the tail lights. Unscrew the bolts that keep the lights in place.

5. Remove the tail light casing and remove the bulb retainer. Disconnect the bulb from the electrical unit and remove the old bulb. Insert the new bulb into place and reassemble the tail light casing and trunk paneling.

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