Install Led Grill Lights On A Gmc Yukon

LED grill lights are an asset to many emergency vehicles.

LED lights are prized for their brightness, long lifespan, low heat production, and, often, easy installation. Moreover, LED lights are environmentally friendly, and do not produce UV or IR radiation. You can install LED lights to the grill of your emergency vehicle so that your lights are supremely bright in the rearview mirrors of the cars in front of you. You can either replace the fluorescent lights adjacent to your grill, or you can install LED lights inside your grill itself.


Replacing the Fluorescent Lights Adjacent to Your Grill

1. Turn off your car battery before you start working.

2. Remove the sheet metal screws securing the fluorescent light “bucket” and remove the light apparatus.

3. Insert your new LED lights and connect them to the existing light circuit. There is no need to change the original circuit. Be sure to connect positive LED wires to positive wires in your circuit, and negative LED wires to negative circuit wires.

4. Connect a charge control switch, in the interior compartment, to your LED wires by threading 12-gauge AWG cable through holes in the firewall of your car, which separates the engine from the interior compartment.

5. Reconnect your car battery and turn your LED lights on.

Installing Lights Under the Grille

6. Turn off the car battery. Remove the grille by turning the mounting clips 1/4 turn and pulling the grille away from the body of the car.

7. Mount LED lights underneath the grille, following manufacturer’s instructions. Drill holes in the car body where you want to mount your lights, and thread screws through your LED lights and into the holes.

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8. Connect your LED light wires, per manufacturer’s instructions, to any power source, including the wiring of your headlights, blinkers, or dome lights.

9. Connect your LED light wires to a charge control switch in the interior compartment, as you did in Section 1 above.

10. Reattach your grill. Reconnect your battery. You can use the charge switch to toggle your LED grill lights on and off.