Install Lighted Exit Signs

Most publc buildings and offices have exit signs.

Many cities and local governments require lighted exit signs on public buildings such as business offices, movie theaters, retail stores and food establishments. Installing these exit signs is typically very straightforward and simple. In some places, the exit sign may not fit above the designated doorway and may need a creative solution or positioning. Construction workers usually install the exit signs during the construction phase, but some new or old buildings may need exit-sign replacements. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Take the AC conductors from the main circuit panel to the place on the wall you want to install the sign. Turn the power off from the circuit panel. You may need to run the conductors through the ceiling and drill holes in the wall to get the cables through. Connect the neutral block on your sign’s breaker output block with the neutral wire from the four wire conductor. Connect the load cables from the block with the load wires. Write down the power input and output on the panel itself. The panel will have a specific area to write this information. For more specifics about connecting the load cables and breaker box, please refer to the Inverter Systems Inc Installation Guide in the “Resources” section.

2. Get the exit signs ready to mount. Remove any screws holding the exit sign closed. With the flat-head screwdriver, pop out the big red arrow so that it points towards the exit door when you install it. If you are installing it directly to the wall, use the screwdriver to pull out the plastic wall mount flaps that are designed to work with screws.

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3. Run the connector wires to the back of the exit sign if you’re mounting it directly onto the wall. If you are hanging or placing the sign sideways above a door, run the connector wires through the side of the sign touching the wall or ceiling. Twist the AC conductor inside the sign with the connector wires and cap them.

4. Face the wire guides inside the sign towards the hole that leads to the mount. This will help keep the wires in place while you install the sign. With the screw and screwdriver, screw through the holes in the back of the sign wall mount. Attach the sign to the mount with the included screws.

5. Connect the battery pack and transformer. If your exit sign has an emergency connection, connect the battery pack with the PC board. Run the wire leads toward the transformer, connect and close the front of the sign.