Install Revolving Lights

We have all seen those revolving lights, the ones that are used in police sirens. There are also revolving lights that can be installed for home use in security systems. Revolving lights are a great way to scare off intruders in your home too, and they make your home stand out among others in an emergency situation. A great way to deter those burglars is by installing strobe lights, or revolving lights in you home. The revolving light will go on when intruders are detected and this will help scare them off. The following instructions will help you with the installation. You will need a strobe light, which you can pick up in any home improvement store, these come as a set, or as a single light. You can also find them at any store that sells security systems. Read the box carefully because it will tell you what tools you will need, and give you precise instructions on installation. Every set is a little different, and the following instructions are basic. You will find more detailed instructions come with the lights you buy..


Install Revolving lights in Your Home

1. Find the place on your house where you want to install the revolving lights. Preferably an area that is easily seen from the street. Make sure you secure the ladder well and ensure that there are no power lines in the area you are installing the revolving light in.

2. Find your control panel and turn off the power.

3. Choose the right electrical cable. You need to run at least 14 gauge electrical cable from your power box up to your light. You will need to check the electrical codes in your area to be sure. Inside the electrical cable there are copper wires which are color coded for each electrical function. Wires that are colored red, black or blue, are the ones that carry the power, and neutral wires are usually white. Grounding wires are usually green or green and yellow.

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4. Start from your central power box and use enough wire to reach the place where you are going to put the revolving light or lights outside. Use a pair of cable strippers to prevent cutting the plastic color coding on the interior copper wires. In the control panel look for a box tab that will give you a direct route to the switch for your new wiring. Take out the tab that is for each separate copper cable and secure it with a cable connector. Be sure that only the uncut sheathing is clamped at the opening to each cable.

5. Push the cut wire through each hole in the place of the tabs you took out in the power box, and roll the wire within the notches of the studs. Make sure the wire remains unraveled.

6. Drill through the wall. If your power box is inside the house, you will need to drill through to the outside wall, then pass the cable through using a cable bender where the cable goes through the wall. The bender is used so that the electrical cabling is not stressed.

7. Run your electrical line up to the area where you are going to install the revolving light.

8. Use your cable strippers on the other end of the electrical cable, strip the connecting wires so that you don’t cut the color coded copper cables on the inside and connect them to the appropriate cables on the strobe light.

9. Staple the electrical wiring up the wall and be sure to use weather proofing insulation around the cables that are outside. Use electrical wire staples and use specialized electrical wiring for outdoor use.

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10. Use masonry or wood screws to hold the revolving lights. The screws you will use depend on whether you are affixing them to wood or masonry.

11. Turn your power back on.

12. Test the revolving lights.