Install Street Glow

Street Glow lighting sets your vehicle apart from the crowd by lighting up the road under your vehicle with your choice of colors. Properly installing the neon light kit under your vehicle ensures the light tubes do not fall from under your vehicle and the lights continue glowing without causing damage to your vehicle’s electrical system. Street Glow lights use a transformer to keep the neon tubes from receiving excessive voltage from your vehicle’s battery.


1. Park the vehicle on a flat surface. Position the floor jack under an approved lifting location to raise the front of the vehicle. Move to the back of the vehicle. Raise the back of the vehicle with the floor jack. Support the back of the vehicle with two more jack stands.

2. Open the hood of the vehicle. Disconnect the ground cable from the battery.

3. Hold one neon light tube under your vehicle in a location away from any moving parts or exhaust tubing. Mark four locations for mounting clamps for a four-foot light tube or three locations for a three-foot light tube on the underbody of the car with a paint marker. Repeat the procedure to mark the locations for all light tubes you will install under your vehicle.

4. Hold a supplied mounting clip at a marked location. Run a 5/8-inch self-tapping screw through the hole in the mounting clip with a #1 Phillips tip mounted in a drill motor. Install one clip at each marked location. Mount the distribution box near the vehicle’s battery.

5. Push the light tubes into the mounting clips with the tube wires facing toward the mounted distribution box. Cut all wires to reach the box without allowing excessive slack. Strip half an inch of insulation from the end of each wire. Connect each wire to the appropriate connector of the distribution box.

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6. Mount the supplied switch in the interior of the vehicle.

7. Run a positive wire from the distribution box to the positive terminal of the switch. Run a ground wire from the distribution box to a metal component of the ground and a positive wire from the switch to the battery.

8. Lower the vehicle.