Install The Backoff Break Light Flasher On A Kawasaki Vn 750

Most motorcycle-related rear end collisions occur because other motorists cannot judge the motorcyclist’s intentions. Since a Kawasaki VN 750’s brake light is mounted below the typical car or truck driver’s field of vision, any signals made by a VN 750 rider are hard to see, if they are seen at all. To combat this problem, Signal Dynamics has made the Backoff Brake Light Flasher, which flashes your VN 750’s brake light in rapid succession to alert other drivers that you are slowing down. This device is easy to install and requires a marginal amount of electrical knowledge.


1. Remove the red lens cover from the tail light, using a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw from both sides of the lens’ face. Pull the lens cover away from the tail light. Reach under the rear fender and use an Allen wrench to remove the pair of bolts that secure the tail light to the fender.

2. Pull the tail light out of the rear fender until the tail light‘s wiring is exposed. Lay a towel on the rear fender and rest the tail light on it.

3. Select a location under the seat to mount the Backoff Brake Light Flasher module, ensuring that the module’s wiring can reach the tail light’s wiring harness. Secure the module to the desired mounting area with heavy duty double sided tape.

4. Cut the tail light’s blue wire with a wire cutter and strip ¼-inch of insulation from both ends of the cut wire with a wire stripping tool. Strip ¼-inch of insulation from the module’s wires. Using crimp-style electrical butt connectors, connect the module’s red wire to the motorcycle’s end of the blue tail light wire. Connect the tail light end of the blue wire to the module’s red and white wire.

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5. Turn the motorcycle’s ignition switch on and pull in the front brake lever. The brake light should flash three times before illuminating constantly. Check that the wires are properly connected and secured if the brake light does not flash or illuminate. Turn off the ignition switch.

6. Slide the tail light into the rear fender, inserting and tightening both bolts with an Allen wrench. Slide the lens cover over the tail light and tighten the lens’ screws with a Phillips screwdriver.