Installation Instructions For Car Strobe Lights

You can create a variety of effects on the inside or outside of your car, depending on your strobe light design.

Car strobe lights can make all the difference in your driving experience, whether you are just out cruising or presenting your vehicle at a car show. You can install strobe lights to the front or back of your car under body, or inside your car, to create a real party when you are driving. Installation is not difficult, but if you lack familiarity with car mechanics or electrical circuits, consider leaving installation to the professionals to avoid damage to your car or harm to yourself.


1. Disconnect your car battery. If mounting strobe lights underneath your car, raise your car on a jack stand.

2. Mark the spots, either on the interior of your car or on the chassis, where you want to mount your strobe lights. Locate your lights away from moving parts or areas where they can get easily damaged. Drill holes in the spots, being sure not to disturb any electrical wiring.

3. Use tools provided by a strobe light manufacturer to mount your strobe lights. For larger lights, these could be mounting brackets that you will need to hold in place using screws threaded through the car. For smaller lights, you may simply need to thread a screw through the lights and use the screwdriver to fasten the lights into the car body.

4. Connect your lights, using 12-gauge AWG cable, to an in-line fuse, and then connect the in-line fuse to the positive terminal of the car battery, with at least 18 inches of distance between the fuse and the battery. If connecting interior lights, you will have to thread the 12-gauge AWG cable through holes that are already present in the firewall, which separates the interior compartment of the car from the engine.

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5. Reconnect your car battery. Your installation is complete.