Instructions For A Whisper Light Camp Stove

When you’re backpacking, paddling or mountaineering, you want a stove that’s easy to use, durable and reliable. The MSR Whisperlite meets these demands, and for over 20 years, adventurers have used it worldwide. Although lighting it requires more steps than a canister-style stove, with practice lighting it becomes second nature, and the fuel is easier to find than canisters. If anything goes wrong, the stove is completely field-maintainable. Before heading out on a first trip, follow the instructions for lighting at home.


1. Fill the MSR fuel bottle with white gas. Stop at the fill line shown on the outside of the bottle. Bottles come in three sizes — 11 oz., 22 oz. and 33 oz. — and are sold separately from the stove.

2. Insert the fuel pump, which comes with the stove, into the fuel bottle. Tighten the pump by turning it clockwise until properly threaded. Close the pump control valve by turning it clockwise until it stops. Pump the fuel pump 20 to 30 times.

3. Unfold the stove’s legs until they snap into place into a rim detent. Center the stove on the heat reflector.

4. Insert the stove’s fuel line completely into the fuel pump and turn the fuel line catch arm until it snaps into the fuel pump’s groove. Lubricate the connection with saliva or oil before inserting it. Before lighting the stove, move the fuel bottle as far from the pump as possible.

5. Turn the pump control valve until half a spoon of white gas collects in the stove’s primer cup, which is the cup on the bottom of the stove. Keep everything clear of the top of the stove and light the fuel in the primer cup.

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6. Wait about 2 minutes for the flame to settle down to the point that it’s just above the stove burners. Turn the pump control valve a half-turn and wait until the flame turns blue. Slowly increase the flame by turning the pump control valve counterclockwise.

7. Surround the stove with the included windscreen. Add the pot.

8. Pump 10 strokes every 10 minutes to keep the pressure in the fuel bottle even.

9. Turn off the stove by turning the pump control valve counterclockwise. Wait 5 minutes before disassembling and packing away.