Instructions For Use Of Black Widow Keyless Remote

Black Widow car entry systems are keyless remote control systems compatible with gas and diesel engines, as well as both automatic and manual transmissions. There are numerous Black Widow keyless entry system designs, but the remote for each system works in roughly the same way.


A Black Widow keyless entry system allows for the remote locking and unlocking of your car doors from several feet away. When car doors are unlocked remotely, the interior lights also come on, lighting the way for the driver to get into the car safely. The Black Widow System also includes a panic alarm, which can be used in case of emergency.

Button Layout

While images on the buttons of each Black Widow keyless remote will vary, the button positioning on each Black Widow remote is the same. Button 1 is the top button on the left side, button 3 is the lower button on the right side, and the large button on the right serves as both buttons 2 and 4. Press up on the large button to utilize the Button 2 functions and press down on the large button to operate the Button 4 functions.

Button Functions

Each feature of the Black Widow keyless entry system is controlled by a separate button on the remote. To remotely lock the doors of the vehicle, press button 1. The horn will beep one time and the lights will flash one time, indicating that the doors are locked. To unlock the doors from a distance, use button 2 on the remote. When the doors of the vehicle unlock, the horn will beep two times, the lights will flash twice and the dome light will come on automatically and remain on until the driver gets into the car.

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If someone sets off your car alarm or you accidentally set off the alarm, you can stop it with the system remote. Press button 2 to cease the alarm function.

Aside from the keyless locking and unlocking features, the Black Widow system also includes a panic function that can be used in case of emergency. To trigger the panic alarm, hold down Button 4 on the remote for three seconds. When the panic alarm is triggered, the horn will honk and the lights will flash continuously for thirty seconds. To stop the panic alarm before the thirty seconds is up, press Button 4 again.