Is A Cyalume Light Stick Toxic

Cyalume light sticks pose no threat to the environment.

Cyalume light sticks and light bars are nontoxic and work by way of a chemical reaction not unlike fireflies. The tubular plastic light sticks and light bars contain chemicals that create a bright, dependable light.

Chemical Reaction

The light bars and light sticks contain phenyl oxalate and a florescent dye surrounding a glass ampule filled with watered-down hydrogen peroxide. When the plastic light stick or light bar is bent, the ampule is broken and the chemicals mix, creating the bright glow.

Light Stick Safety

Cyalume light sticks and light bars are nontoxic and safe. They do not produce heat, sparks or flames and are safe to use near flammable liquids and gasses or around fuel leaks. Additionally, they are versatile, waterproof and work well in hot or cold temperatures.

Light Stick Uses

Cyalume light bars and light sticks meet U.S. military standards and are used widely by NATO and FEMA, as well as U.S. military forces, the Boy Scouts, Red Cross and other organizations and agencies. They are recommended for Halloween trick or treating, campers, hikers and cavers. They also make a good addition to any emergency kit.

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