Jobs That Require Climbing Light Poles

Climbing a light pole is not as easy as it seems.

Many jobs exist that require employees to climb light poles. Many might seem correlated but each is distinct to a specific occupation. All of these jobs are dangerous as they involves climbing high distances and tinkering with electrical currents and wiring.

Phone Service

Satellite poles often have lights on them for emergency service calls or for aviation reasons.

Phone lines still exist above the ground even though technology has evolved and enabled companies to use ground wires instead of poles. Working for a land line phone company (not to be confused with cable companies’ phone service) still requires employees to climb poles. Not all the poles climbed have lights, but a lot do in case emergency night work needs to be performed. Most cell phone towers have lights on them for aviation precautions and emergency work.

Eletrical Service

Climbing electrical poles can be a dangerous job.

Electricity lines are found above and below ground; hence, maintenance or service to such lines sometimes requires climbing light poles. Regular scheduled maintenance is checking the lines for damage or replacing old lamps for burned out bulbs. Emergency electrical work is done after bad storms when power grids lose service or a breaker box blows fuses.

Cable Workers

Cable workers often have to climb a pole to connect the service.

Cable workers often climb up light poles or electrical poles to hook up service to a house. Cable workers often connect a customer directly into the pole as it’s not easily accessible to the customer and makes it easy to disconnect the service without customer interference. Again, not all the poles climbed have a light on them, but some do, depending on the location of the service.

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City Worker

City workers‘ job duties include changing burned-out bulbs.

City workers do a variety of work around and inside a city. They perform daily maintenance of roads, lights, parks, etc. It’s not unusual to see a city worker on a lift replacing burned-out lamps and bulbs in a parking lot or a street downtown. Not all occupations require workers to physically climb a pole as lifts are commonly used in many occupations.

Stadium Worker

Stadium lights often burn out as they are on all season long.

Stadium maintenance workers often change light bulbs that burn out inside and outside the stadium. Again, lifts can be used to change these lights, but climbing the pole the old fashion way is always an option.