Led Flashlights Pros & Cons

Keep emergency flashlights where you can access them easily.

LED flashlights are a newer, more efficient and more practical type of flashlight. Despite the few drawbacks that exist for this technology, the pros seem to far outweigh the cons. The downsides of LED flashlights that existed when they first hit the market have been reduced as production becomes more cost-efficient and LED lights become more powerful. Does this Spark an idea?

Long Battery Life

An LED flashlight’s batteries will last much longer than the batteries in a regular flashlight, which is an important consideration when buying a flashlight for use in emergency situations. Drained batteries will not be of much use in an emergency. An LED flashlight provides battery life measured in the tens of hours rather than the mere hours an incandescent flashlight provides.

Long-lasting, Bright Light

The bulb in an LED flashlight lasts many times longer than the bulb in a traditional incandescent flashlight. The life of the bulb itself is over 100,000 hours, meaning that you functionally never have to replace it. Brightness is also an advantage. The light quality from an LED flashlight is typically much more intense than the light you would get from an older flashlight.

High Initial Cost

The initial cost of an LED flashlight is more than that of other flashlights you typically see in the store. This cost can be frustrating or off-putting if you plan only to use the flashlight in emergency situations. If you use the flashlight a great deal, the longevity makes cost less of a factor.

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Limited Lighting Distance in Older Models

Some models of LED flashlights throw light further than do traditional flashlights. However, older-model LED flashlights will not illuminate objects as far away as traditional flashlights will. Lighting distance may be problematic if you require a flashlight in an outdoors situation where you are trying to see as far away as possible.