Light A Match With No Striking Plate

A person can learn to light a match with one hand, with practice.

Matches are used to help cook food, keep warm and provide light. Matches are an excellent survival tool that can be added to any home emergency home kit. Strike-anywhere matches are the most effective when lighting the match head against any abrasive surface. Don’t fret if you have matches on hand but no striking plate, you still can light the match.


1. Firmly wrap your index, middle and ring finger around the wooden piece of the match. Be sure the match head is visible.

2. Strike your thumbnail quickly on the white piece of the match head. Be careful not to burn yourself.

3. Light the match head from an existing fire source such as a candle or gas stove, if unable to light it one-handed.

4. Swipe the match head against a rough surface such as a stone, if Step 1 is not possible and a lighting source is not available. Be sure to hold the match firmly.

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