Light Coal With A Torch

Coal is often processed into briquettes and used for grilling.

A member of the fossil fuel family, coal has one of the oldest and varied histories of any fuel source. Archaeological evidence suggests coal has been used as a heat source since the turn of the Common Era, perhaps even longer, according to the US Department of Energy. Today, coal is often used as a source of heat for cooking, but some may still use it as a heat source. A small flame is all it takes to ignite coal. Add this to my Recipe Box.


1. Put a 2-inch layer of crumpled newspaper in the bottom of a coal chimney. If a coal chimney is not available, drill five to 10 evenly spaced holes around the bottom of a large coffee can. The holes must be at least ¼-inch wide in diameter.

2. Pour coal on top of the newspaper until the chimney is full.

3. Turn on the torch according to the directions of your particular torch. Hold the flame in front of one of the holes until the newspaper catches on fire.

4. Allow the newspaper to burn and catch the coal on fire. Transfer the coal to the grill or stove once the pieces begin to turn white. Once transferred, new coals can be placed on top of the hot coals, if desired.

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