Light The Pilot In An Amana Gas Heater

All you need is a fireplace match to light an Amana furnace.

The pilot light is a flame that burns, usually constantly, inside a gas furnace and is used to light the main burners when it switches on. Most newer Amana furnaces ship with an electric ignition starter for the pilot light, so they don’t need to be manually lit at the beginning of each heating season. Before trying to light your pilot light, make sure that your furnace is receiving electricity—check your breaker box, the furnace’s fuse and, if applicable, a nearby emergency shut-off switch—before attempting to light the pilot light yourself. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove the front access panel by grasping the handle, lifting and pulling it back. Some models of Amana furnaces require the operator to remove two panels, an upper and a lower, to reach the pilot light.

2. Locate the pilot light. Follow the gas line, which is a black iron pipe, into the furnace. It will join with a valve with a box, a control knob and a small stretch of silver tubing that leads to the pilot light itself.

3. Make sure the pilot light is not already lit.

4. Light the pilot light. Turn the knob on the pilot light control to the “Light” position. Strike a fireplace match to light it and and depress the control knob on the furnace. This will feed gas through the silver tubing so you can light it. Use the match to light the pilot light.

5. Hold the knob down in the “Light” position for at least 60 seconds before releasing it. If you release the knob before the pilot light heats the thermocouple—a sensor that detects a flame on the pilot light and shuts off the gas when it’s cool—the pilot light will go out.

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6. Turn the knob to the “Heat” position and replace the covers on the access panel or panels.