Light Up A Sign Board

Lighting your sign board will give you 24 hour visibility.

Lighted sign boards can give your business or organization 24-hour exposure. The most common type of lighted sign boards are along the road in front of a business, but boards can also be in parking lots or other locations to give people information or directions concerning the business or organization. If you want a permanent lighted sign, the cheapest and most reliable way to keep it lit is with electricity. Temporary signs can be lighted with batteries or generators.


1. Run electric cable from your building to the site of your sign. Check with the local power company and the building commissioner in your municipality or county for regulations in your area and to make sure you do not disrupt any existing underground cables.

2. Mount electric flood lights on poles attached to the bottom of your sign after you have installed a power source. Mountable flood lights can be purchased from most electric supply stores. Aim the flood lights so they fully illuminate the message on your sign. A single-sided sign usually requires at least two flood lights. Double-sided signs require at least four lights, a pair mounted on either side of the full sign. For a larger sign, install more poles and mount more lights.

3. Install a timer or a photoelectric cell to activate the floodlights so you do not use unnecessary electricity during daylight hours. If you use a photoelectric cell to activate the lights, it will turn them on and off automatically, depending on when it gets dark. If you use a timer, make sure to adjust it at least once a month to match the seasonal hours of darkness.

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4. Use a generator or battery to power the lights on a temporary sign, depending on the length of time you will have it up. For a brief event covering just a few days a small, portable generator will provide you with sufficient power and reliability to keep the sign lit. If you use a commercial battery, the time you can keep the sign lit will be very brief and is suitable primarily for one-night events. For best results, use LED lighting to reduce the power drain on the battery.