List Of The Brightest Leds

LED lights are made to be bright.

LED lights have come along way and there are many high quality manufacturers producing the brightest of what LEDs could possibly offer. Some of the most well known companies, recognized for creating the best and the brightest LED lighting available to consumers are American Superlite, Maxxima, SureFire and Selco. Many people are familiar with these names, as there is a reason why they have built a name for themselves. When looking for LED lighting, people want the best and the brightest.

American Superlite

Known in the market as the innovator of LED lights, Superlite is one of the most well-known manufacturers of heavy-duty LED lights. All Superlite products are made in America. The company carries multiple LED vehicle safety light products, including stop, tail and turn, backup lamps, utility lamps, interior cargo, flanges and brackets. Land Line Magazine recognized Superlite for its LED quality. Superlite’s LEDs also came out on top in the magazine’s Reader’s Choice category.


With more than 30 years of experience as of 2010, Maxxima stands as one of the leading manufacturers of the brightest LED lights. The company supplies a wide range of top-quality LED lighting products, including versions for interior cargo, medium and heavy trucks, off-road vehicles and equipment and commercial, industrial and emergency uses.


SureFire started with the vision of John Matthews, who began putting his ideas to the test in 1969. His corporation eventually moved to the forefront of LED lighting. The company manufactures the bright LED lights for many applications, including weapon-mounted, laser, shield, handheld, tools and baton lights.

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Selco operates manufacturers throughout North America and Mexico. The company’s goal is to provide customers with top-quality bright LED lights at competitively low prices. Selco produces LED lights for various applications, ranging from control devices, thermal measurements, mounted analog and digital metering. As of 2010, Selco has been manufacturing LED products for more than 50 years.