Make A Car Flash

Don’t run your lights on the street, or these will be the next strobes you see.

Strobes aren’t a new technology; they’ve been used on emergency vehicles for decades. Now you too can make your car flash like a bulldozer if you’ve got a few hours to spare, a drill and $100 lying around. Strobe kits are fairly easy to install if you don’t mind drilling into very expensive headlight housings, and can really make your ride stand out in a parking lot full of lesser underbody neon and windshield-wiper LEDs. Installation procedures will vary greatly by kit maker and car manufacturer.


1. Locate a flat spot on the back of your car’s headlight or turn signal housing with at least 1 inch of clearance all the way around.

2. Drill a 1 inch hole into the back of the headlight housing. Don’t drill into the stock light bulb or get the drill snagged up in the wiring.

3. Install the rubber grommet or gasket supplied with your kit into the hole. Insert the grommet with the flat side facing out until its center channel seats in the headlight bucket.

4. Plug the supplied strobe light into the grommet. Drill a pair of 1/8 inch holes through the strobe’s mounting holes and into the headlight bucket. Secure the strobes to the headlight bucket with the supplied self-tapping screws, making sure not to strip the plastic headlight bucket.

5. Mount the power supply/strobe controller to the underside of your dashboard, within reach of the driver. Mounting procedures will vary by the specific power supply and vehicle, but you don’t have to ground the power supply itself through the mounts.

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6. Follow your kit instructions for wiring the lights. Exact wiring procedures and routing will depend on how many strobes you have, how much power you need, whether or not your kit has pre-installed plugs and where you’ve mounted the strobes.

7. Locate a spot on your vehicle’s firewall unoccupied by brackets or wiring on either side. Just to the passenger side of the gas pedal mount is a safe spot for most cars.

8. Drill a 1 inch hole into the area you’ve located on the firewall, and install the supplied grommet as you did with those in the headlight buckets.

9. Run the power wires from your strobes to the control unit through your new firewall hole. Connect the strobe power supply lines to the control unit as per your kit’s directions.

10. Connect the controller’s power supply lines to the power source recommended for your vehicle. Generally, this will involve connecting the control unit‘s red wire to the positive terminal on your battery with the supplied eyelet-connector. If so, remove one of the battery cable’s hold-down screws and slide the eyelet over the screw before reinstalling. Repeat procedure with black power supply wire and negative battery terminal.