Make A Dead Cell Phone Work In An Emergency

Revive your dead cell phone battery.

You can charge a dead cell phone in an emergency situation by using a hand-crank power generator. This device allows you to turn a crank for a few minutes and generate enough power to make a phone call. Purchase a hand-crank generator that allows you to connect any cell phone using a car power adapter. There are several options, some of which include built-in flashlights and other features.

In cold weather, batteries can be depleted of power more quickly. But if you warm up the battery, it can restore some of the charge. This can be done most easily using your own body heat, as explained in Section 2.


1. Plug in your cell phone to its car adapter. The car adapter will have one large connector to fit into a cigarette lighter, and one smaller end to plug into your cell phone. Look along the side or bottom of your phone to find the “female” socket to make the connection.

2. Plug the large end of your car adapter to the emergency hand-crank generator‘s “DC output cable.” This is the larger end that normally gets plugged into a cigarette lighter. Be sure the connection is firm.

3. Plug in the “DC output cable” to the bottom of the hand-crank generator. The bottom is the opposite end of the LED light.

4. Grasp the crank of the power generator firmly and begin to swiftly turn it in a clockwise motion. Try to make a complete rotation of the crank twice every second. There’s little resistance, so this is easy to do. Continue to do this for one minute.

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5. Disconnect your cell phone from its car adapter cable by pulling the cord from the “female” socket. You are ready to make your phone call.