Make A Deadmau5 Head

You can use any color to personalize your hat.

A popular electro and progressive house artist from North America, Deadmau5 is well-known for his independent music tracks along with his collaboration with other internationally renowned DJs. The mouse-like icon he’s chosen for his personal logo is widely recognized by those in the music industry, making it a popular costume item among fans. Though it will take a fair amount of preparation, making your own Deadmau5 helmet is straightforward and can be completed in matter of hours.


1. Use a string or band tied around the middle of the nose ball or 14- to 16-inch acrylic globe to help draw a line halfway around the middle of the ball. Adjust the string after drawing this first line so that the string intersects with the first line at a 45- to 60-degree angle, and draw another line halfway around. You should have a melon-slice-shaped piece marked out.

2. Use a hacksaw or sharp X-ACTO knife to cut along this line and remove the section completely. Then use the hacksaw to cut the bottom out of the ball so that it sits stationary on a flat surface with the melon-slice-shaped cutout facing you. This hole on the bottom is for your head, so make sure it’s large enough to fit.

3. Cut out the first ear circle by using a large bowl, lampshade, dinner or salad plate as an outline for a perfect circle. Draw the circle on the cardboard first, then cut out the circle.

4. Use the discarded melon-shaped-cutout slice to make another curved line on the edge of this first cardboard ear circle. This new curved line will allow the circle to fit on the sides of the head. It should look like someone took a wide bite out of the edge of the ear, about 1 inch towards the center of the circle.

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5. Use this ear circle to make five other ear cutouts, all the same size and with a bite out of their edges. Outline the ear circle on the cardboard first before cutting it out.

6. Stack the cutout circles together in two groups of three with all of their edges flush and glue together. You should end up with two thick ears three cardboard pieces thick.

7. Cover the head with the blue lycra and stretch across the surface so that the material is smooth and taught. Use your scissors and glue to tailor the fabric to the inside edges of the head. The fabric should go around the sharper edges where you cut through with your hacksaw so that you don’t get scratched while you wear it and it looks neat from the outside.

8. Cover each of the ear pieces (the two stacks of three cutouts glued together) with the same blue lycra stretch fabric. Use your scissors and glue to keep the fabric on the “bite” edge of the ear so that you won’t be able to see the edges of the fabric when you glue the ears on in the following steps.

9. Cut out the wire or metal mesh in the same shape as the melon-shaped slice from the original nose ball. Make the edges of the wire a little larger than the cutout so that you have an edge to glue on the inside edges of the nose ball when you fit it over the mouth. Cover the mesh on one side with the thinner white lycra (or tights or other white stretchy fabric), and use your scissors and glue to attach the fabric to the inside of the nose ball, covering the “mouth” opening for the head.

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10. Place the ear circles on the back of the head so they look like ears, and mark where they are on the head. Glue them in place, and allow to dry.

11. Place glue on the back of your push lights, and position them on the top of the head so that they look like eyes. Make two cuts in an X shape under where the eyes will be before you glue the eyes down; this will be a better surface for the glue than lycra.