Make Colorful Smoke Bombs

Make Colorful Smoke Bombs

Did you ever wonder about making your own homemade smoke bomb? Perhaps you want to use it for paint-balling, airsoft games, or even for tactical training purposes. Whatever the case might be, learn how you can safely and effectively create your own smoke bomb!


1. The first step in making your smoke bomb is to gather up all of your supplies. Pour a ratio of about 5:3 of potassium nitrate and sugar into your pan. You don’t have to be exact with the measurements, but make sure that you have more potassium nitrate. This is help make your smoke bomb burn quickly when the final product is done.

2. Next, apply some low temperature heat to the pan and stir the mixtures with a spatula. Keep on stirring your potassium nitrate and sugar mixture until you obtain a chocolate or caramel texture. Continue to stir until the mixtures become liquefied.

3. Once you obtain the brown liquid for your smoke bomb, pour the contents onto a piece of aluminium foil. It doesn’t matter how big it is, but 6″ by 6″ should suffice. Let your mixture cool off for a couple minutes and wrap it into a ball.

4. Now, you have created your own homemade smoke bomb! Before lighting it, make sure to go outside to a ventilated location. The smoke bomb will burn vigorously, depending on your potassium nitrate to sugar ratio. The color of your smoke bomb should be a taint purple.

5. Perhaps you want to make colored smoke bombs. In order to achieve a black powder smoke bomb, try adding in a mixture of sugar and sulfur. Adding a bit of sawdust will make your smoke bombs black in color.

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6. Achieving a white smoke bomb involves adding 4 parts potassium nitrate, 10 parts sulfur, 5 parts charcoal, and 3 parts sawdust.

7. A red smoke bomb could also be obtained by having about 65% para-nitroaniline red, 15% potassium chlorate, and 20% lactose.

8. Lastly, you can get a green smoke bomb by adding 15% auramine, 35% potassium chlorate, about 25% lactose, and 25% synthetic indigo.