Mini Maglite Specs

Mini Maglites offer compact lighting solutions for consumers and professionals.

The Mag Instrument company — founded in New York City in 1955 — designs and manufactures anodized aluminum flashlights geared toward industrial use by police officers, firefighters and auto mechanics. Since their introduction, Maglites have become popular with the public as well. The company’s Mini Maglite 2-Cell AA, Mini Maglite 2-Cell AAA and Mini Maglite LED 2-Cell AA models offer varying miniature-sized flashlight options. Does this Spark an idea?

Mini Maglite 2-Cell AA

Mag Instrument’s Mini Maglite 2-Cell AA, which the company dubs a “personal sized flashlight,” measures 5.75 inches long and weighs 3.78 oz. with batteries. At the head of the light, the diameter is 1 inch. This flashlight utilizes an LM2A001 model lamp to project a high-intensity beam, which users can focus from a spotlight to a floodlight. This light relies on two AA size alkaline batteries for power. This Mag-produced flashlight features an anodized aluminum body. Inside its bottom tailcap, the flashlight stores a spare lamp. Users can convert the Mini Maglite 2-Cell AA flashlight into a “candle mode” by unscrewing the head and setting the barrel in the head as it rests on a flat surface. The model comes in black, red, blue, silver, gray and camouflage colors.

Mini Maglite 2-Cell AAA

The Mini Maglite 2-Cell AAA flashlight clocks in at 5 inches in length, with a head diameter of .75 inch and a total with-battery weight of 1.73 oz., making it a much smaller option than its AA cousin. For lighting power, this model uses Mag’s LM3A001 lamp. As its name implies, this light runs on two AAA alkaline batteries. Like its larger brethren, this flashlight features machined anodized aluminum construction, a knurled exterior, a spare safety lamp in the tailcap and the ability to transform into candle mode. The Mini Maglite 2-Cell AAA model comes in black, red, blue, silver and gray varieties. Mag recommends this compact flashlight for medical and industrial applications.

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Mini Maglite LED 2-Cell AA

Unlike the Mini Maglites of the prior generation, the Mini Maglite LED 2-Cell AA flashlight uses a performance-enhanced LED — light-emitting diode — lamp. This lamp runs longer and requires less power than traditional bulbs. The LED model Mini Maglite features a blink mode, a low-lighting mode and an SOS mode that emits the international Morse code distress signal. This miniature-sized flashlight option measures about 6.6 inches long with a head diameter of 1 inch. It weighs 4.15 oz. with its required two AA alkaline batteries. Available colors include black, red, silver, blue, gray and camouflage.