Mississippi Vehicle Neon Lights Laws

Neon lights can be installed in various places on motor vehicles, including headlights, LED body lights and under the vehicle. They can also be found in a variety of colors. While it is not illegal to purchase or even install these lights, there are laws that govern what colors may be used and when they may be activated. Mississippi state law prohibits their use while the vehicle is in motion and restricts the available colors.

Color of Lighting Devices

Mississippi law requires two headlights and two rear lights, which must be white and red, respectively. However, section 63-7-23 addresses the color of all lights installed on a motor vehicle. Part (4) states that any lights switched on while the vehicle is in motion must be white or amber if visible from the front, amber if visible from the side and red if visible from the rear. This statute does not prohibit neon lights being installed or switched on when the vehicle is not in motion.

Use of Blue and Red Lights

Section 63-7-20 of the Mississippi Code prohibits the use and installation of blue and red lights on all vehicles except police and emergency vehicles. Unlike section 63-7-23, this section makes it illegal to even install neon lights that are blue or red. It also prohibits alternating flashing headlights of any color.


Section 63-7-7 makes a violation of these statutes a misdemeanor. The use of blue or red lights is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine no less than $50 and no more than $500.

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