Mount A Spotlight On A Cop Car

If you have purchased a retired law enforcement vehicle only to discover the spotlight does not work, you can replace it. After removing the old spotlight, you can mount a new spotlight. It is also a good idea to replace the wiring, as well.


1. Open the hood and remove the negative terminal on your battery with pliers, then. disconnect the positive lead second. Wear gloves for safety.

2. Remove the fuse enabled wire from the spotlight kit. Strip the fuse end with wire strippers to expose the bare wires. Insert the stripped end into the kit’s terminal connector and tighten it with a screwdriver. Strip the opposite end with your strippers and wrap it around the battery’s positive lead post. Use the clamp supplied in the spotlight kit to hold it in place.

3. Drill a hole in the door frame of the car to mount the power switch inside the car. Run this wire into the car and attach the wire to the positive post on the power switch. Drill additional holes on the inside of the vehicle to mount the switch.

4. Attach the ground wire supplied in your kit to the ground post on the power switch. Run this wire to the door frame. Scrape away a small patch of paint with sandpaper and drill a small hole to insert the grounding screw.

5. Drill holes in the exterior of the door frame with a drill in the location you want to mount the spotlight. Secure it loosely at first to the car using the enclosed kit hardware. Run another wire from the remaining post on the power switch to the back of the spotlight. Tighten the light’s mounting bracket.

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6. Tighten all wires down using pliers and a screwdriver. Put the battery leads back on the battery posts, start the cop car and then turn on the power switch to test the light.