Mount A Strobe Light To A Fiberglass Top

Flashing strobe lights are an invaluable tool for law enforcement vehicles.

Strobe lights provide automatic flashes of light and automatically make your emergency response vehicle stand out on the road. The process of installing strobe lights is normally not difficult, but drilling fiberglass is tricky and can cause you to chip off large portions of the gel-coated surface if you do not take precautions. Correct mounting of strobe lights on fiberglass requires some concentration as well as materials that you can easily purchase at a hardware store.


1. Mark the spots where you want to install your strobe lights. If mounting individual strobe lights, you need to drill a hole for each. However, strobe lights mounted to the top of a car are light bars. When mounting a strobe light bar, you need to connect the bar’s mounting bracket to the top of your car. Check your mounting bracket and your manufacturer’s instructions to determine how many holes you need to drill to install your bar and how far apart they should be.

2. Use an ice pick to create the initial holes. This prevents the drill from wandering and causing damage in its vicinity.

3. Use the smaller drill bit to create holes where they are needed. The drill bit should be smaller than the screws provided by the strobe light manufacturer to facilitate tight attachment of screws.

4. Chamfer the hole with a small chamfer. Holding the chamfer in place, use a slightly larger drill bit (still smaller than the size of your screws) to drill holes in the fiberglass. The chamfer helps to hold the drill flush with the desired surface of the fiberglass, minimizing impact shock and/or wandering to the surrounding surface.

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5. Thread your strobe light through the mounting brackets provided by the manufacturer. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to thread screws through the mounting brackets and through the fiberglass top.