Mvr Requirements

Canada keeps MVR files on all licensed drivers.

Motor Vehicle Reports, or MVRs, are driving records of licensed Canadian drivers. MVRs can be obtained if needed, however each province has its own set of requirements before it will provide an MVR. MVRs are often used as a part of a background check that may be needed by employers before offering a position to an individual.

Name, Number, Birthday

Every province in Canada requires the driver’s license number of the individual to obtain an MVR. Every province in Canada also requires the name. The date of birth is the other fact that must be provided in all provinces for access to an MVR.


British Columbia, Manitoba, North West Territories, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and the Yukon require the signature of the individual to access the MVR. However, it varies between these provinces as to whether the signature must be presented in person or if it can be mailed in with a letter of request.


The North West Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the Yukon require that an official form be filled out and signed by the individual that will give authorization for the MVR to be released. For many of these provinces, this form can be obtained online.


Only Saskatchewan and the Yukon provinces require that the address of the individual be provided along with the official form that is signed by the individual. The form also must include the person’s name, driver’s license number and birthday. This makes Saskatchewan and the Yukon provinces the two provinces with the most requirements for obtaining an MVR.

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