Obtain An Indian Visa

Obtain an Indian Visa

India requires foreigners to possess a visa before admitting them as guests. An Indian visa is one of the essential documents that allows its holder to travel about the country for a limited time. Obtaining one is as simple as applying online or visiting the embassy of India nearest you. Complete an application, provide the necessary paperwork and pay the applicable fees to receive an Indian visa in time for your trip.


1. Complete an online visa application on the India Visa website (see Resources). Then print and sign it to submit with the rest of your travel documents.

2. Provide a passport with 2 blank visa pages and at least six months validity from the date of your application.

3. Prepare to submit two identical passport photos 2-by-2 inches in size, taken against a light background. They must be taken without glasses or anything worn on the head, with the exception of religious attire worn on a regular basis. Ask your designated Consulate office if they provide a passport photo service, otherwise have them taken by other professional means.

4. Present a photocopy of your driver’s license or a utility bill as a proof of address. The address shown on the document should match the one on the visa application exactly. Addresses that contain a P.O. Box are unacceptable.

5. Locate the Indian Embassy or Consulate office nearest you (see Resources). Some require that you submit all your documents by personal appearance, while others give you the option of applying by mail. In either case, the same visa application and travel documents will be processed in three to five business days for pickup or delivery. The visa fee will vary depending on your local currency.

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