Pack For A Motorcycle Camping Trip

Pack for a Motorcycle Camping Trip

Whether your bike is equipped with hard or soft cases, what goes in them is what’s most important when planning a motorcycle camping trip. Space economy is vital, and every motorbike touring enthusiast has his own preferences for an overnight or a long-term camping trip. Here are a few tips that will make your next trip easier.


1. Double-check that your hard cases or saddlebags are secured to the bike according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

2. Pack a few rudimentary motorcycle tools, a camp stove, a few freeze-dried meals, flashlight, tent, lighter and matches, protein bars, a container of water, map, sleeping bag, inflatable pillow, travel-size toiletries, sunscreen, bug repellent, a change of clothes, mess kit and rain gear. Visit an outdoor supply store like REI for ideas of what to pack (see Resources). Choose small items, like the compact Pocket Rocket camp stove and travel-size sundries.

3. Roll (don’t fold) clothing and place them snugly in the bags. Utilize all of the pockets and compartments of your luggage. Keep items that you might need during the ride to the campsite–map, sunscreen, etc.–at the top of one of your bags so they are easily accessible.

4. Strap down the tent to the outside of your bags with bungee cords or a bungee net so you don’t waste space. Never attach gear to other gear; bungees should be strapped to the frame of the bike. Center the gear on the bike.

5. Push and pull the gear in different directions once you’re loaded up to see if it slides; adjust straps and bungees as necessary. Do a few quick turns once you get on the road (before entering heavy traffic) to make sure your gear is solidly strapped down and doesn’t move. Check it at every stop.

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