Personal Emergency Response System Marketing Ideas

Medical response can come quickly.

A personal emergency response system provides an easy way for anyone to call for professional help. The user simply presses a button. Usually worn as a bracelet or necklace, these devices are primarily used by the elderly or handicapped, providing a safety outlet when they are home alone, according to Today’s Caregiver. Those seeking to market these devices can use a variety of creative methods.

Online Marketing

Create a website highlighting the benefits of the personal emergency response system. Seek out websites likely to attract the elderly or handicapped and buy banner advertisements.

Identify search keyword terms used by people interested in this with a search keyword tool. Explore buying the applicable keywords from popular search engine marketing programs. Employ social media techniques seeking to convey information about this product to potential customers. Target actual possible users of the product along with those who might decide the product is needed for a relative or friend.

Affiliate Sales

Seek affiliates who spend time with potential customers to help market these devices, such as caregivers and senior-citizen activity directors. Devise an affiliate sales program that pays a commission or referral fee for helping sell the personal emergency response systems.

Direct Mail

Send mailers to those whom you believe can benefit from a personal emergency response system. Purchase mailing lists consisting of people who are likely to be interested in the service. Create a sales letter, and mail copies to your targeted market. Use postcard direct marketing to save expense on postage and paper. Solicit recipients of the mailing to contact you enabling the development of sales leads. Follow up by contacting the leads attempting to close the sale.

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Television and Radio

Use economical services that allow you to buy discounted broadcast and cable television advertising spots. Do the same for radio stations located within the areas you are targeting. Convey the benefits of the service within these advertisements, and direct viewers to visit your website or call your toll-free sales number. Attempt to run your ads during programs watched by the demographic you desire to reach.