Prepare For Q400 Simulator Training

The Dash 8 Q400, a turboprop airliner built by Bombardier Aerospace and flown by Qantas, Horizon Air and All Nippon among others, was developed especially to meet the needs of regional airports for larger airplanes on busy short-haul routes. The Q400 has a highly advanced cockpit and diagnostic configuration and a specific system to diminish noise and vibration. The full-flight simulators used for pilot training and evaluation for the Q400 provide all the physical sensations of flight and supply both pilots and administrators with feedback on user skills in both day to day and emergency situations. Preparing to “fly” the Q400 simulator requires both physical and mental groundwork.


1. Pass a physical examination administered by an FAA-authorized medical examiner. Second-class certificates are required for the Q400 pilots; students require a third-class certificate.

2. Demonstrate at least Operational Level 4 English language proficiency. Pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions are evaluated.

3. Study the Instrument Flying Handbook published by the FAA to establish the criteria needed to obtain a current instrument rating.

4. Study the flight and instrumentation manuals for the Q400.

5. Enroll in a training course or facility to train for the instrument-rating test.

6. Enroll in a flight-simulator class for the specific airline company that is flying Q400s.

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